The Ideal Protein Method

Ideal Protein Method

Safe, Affordable, Medically Supervised Weight Loss

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is called “Your Last Diet” because IT IS:  you lose the FAT quickly, MAINTAIN your MUSCLE and allow your muscles to continue to burn calories withOUT storing fats again.

We see an equal amount of men and women.  Ideal Protein works especially well when couples work together.drweight

Pro-Care Medical Center has been involved with Ideal Protein for 5 years, seeing the food improve and the program become more fine-tuned during that time.  We offer several distinct advantages over other centers.

  • No weekly weigh-in fees
  • Daily 2-3 minute informational videos
  • $380 initial consult fee (all consults, two weeks of IP food and about 1 month worth of vitamins)
  • Consistent coaching with with same knowledgeable person week after week

Now to the nuts and bolts of how Ideal Protein works..

WEIGHT LOSS: Your body has three (3) sources of energy:

  • Carbohydrates (ALWAYS burned first) followed by
  • Protein and lastly
  • Lipids (fats)

The Ideal Protein weight loss method is more than simply weight loss because it emphasizes FAT loss.  Here are some other Ideal Protein advantages..

Once the body has depleted its carbohydrate reserves it draws on protein (muscle mass) and fat reserves simultaneously.  The intake of high-biological value protein isolates (not high amounts of protein) during the IP Weight Loss Method maintains the lean muscle mass & FORCES the body to burn only fat for energy.

  • Supports skin revitalization
  • Reduces Cellulite (is used in spas throughout Europe and Canada for this purpose)
  • Stabilizes Blood Sugar Levels, resolving TYPE 2 DIABETES & SYNDROME X
  • Significantly reduces Blood Pressure
  • Re establishes NORMAL cholesterol levels/ratios
  • Maintains lean muscle mass and forces the body to turn to its fat reserves for energy
  • Lose 3-5 pounds per week (women) and 5-7 pounds per week (men)
  • Re establishes proper insulin sensitivity and pancreatic function to prevent abnormal fat storage and allow you to eat normally without gaining the fat back.


When ‘other’ diets are used, the dieter loses BOTH fat AND muscle. Muscle burns MORE energy than fat.  The LOSS OF MUSCLE AFTER ‘other diets’ causes a DECREASE in energy usage by the body resulting in LESS caloric energy usage by the body and subsequent fat INCREASE when normal dietary habits are resumed.

The Ideal Protein program is hosted by Pro-Care Medical Center’s excellent clinical staff and offers the Pro-Care advantage.


Ideal Protein, Weight Loss


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