How To Wear Your Backpack Safely

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Don’t let your kid’s backpack cause back pain. Here are a few tips for wearing backpacks safely.

Summertime is almost over. Summer getaways are wrapping up, high school band and football practices are in full swing, and the search for new school clothes and supplies has begun. Does your list of supplies include a new backpack?

The National Spine Health Foundation recently released a backpack safety guide, including five essential tips for wearing backpacks. From the news release:

  1. Use two shoulders. Double straps help to distribute weight evenly across the back, and can be fitted to accommodate coats and jackets as weather changes.
  2. Balance the load. Using waist and chest straps will balance the weight load on the hips and keep the backpack stable while walking.
  3. Lighten the load. Children should not carry more than 10% to 20% of their body weight. Most kids carry more than this, which can pull their bodies forward or backward and cause undue neck or back pain.
  4. Bend at the knees. To avoid muscle strains children and parents should bend at the knees and use their legs when lifting backpacks.
  5. Wear it well. Make sure the backpack sits properly on your back. The best placement for your backpack is two inches above the waist.

So, before you fill that new backpack up with a pile of books, supplies, and your kid’s lunch, be sure to review these tips to make sure those backpacks are safely being worn this school year! And if there’s any back discomfort or pain, our Pro-Care team of chiropractors in Austin or San Antonio are here to help!

You can review the National Spine Health Foundation’s full guide here:

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