How Does Your Kitchen Help You Lose Weight?

Chances are, you’re spending more time at home than usual these days. When you’re tired, hungry, and maybe even bored, “what you see is what you eat.” What do you see when you open your refrigerator or your pantry? Plenty of healthful options like vegetables and meats...

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Ideal Protein – Eat Your Vegetables!

“Losing weight is a journey that leads you to your truest self.” – Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, Ideal Protein founder In difficult times, it can feel like things are out of your control, so it’s good to focus on what you can control. Ideal Protein’s...

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Ideal Protein Tips and Recipes for You to Try

You may not know this but many of our weight loss patients are on the front lines on a daily basis while still being true to their weight loss journey. Thank you to our police officers, nurses, hospital staff, doctors and firemen who are still “out there”...

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