7 Reasons for ImPACT Concussion Testing

Unfortunately, concussions can be unavoidable, especially for all the athletes and go-getters out there. Pro-Care Medical Centers knows this all too common occurrence and understands the risks of improper concussion management. Utilizing both a pre- and post-injury...

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Tidying Up Your Health

With the new year, brings new goals and dreams. For many of us, it’s a time to identify areas for personal improvement or to take on a big challenge. So, it’s no surprise that Netflix’s show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, was released New Year’s...

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Is it a cold? Or could it be the flu?

It’s that time of year when allergies hit Texans (thanks, cedar fever!), cold season is in the air (literally!) and the flu virus is making its rounds. Sometimes, it’s hard to know what you have. Here’s a handy chart to help you better understand...

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