Want to Make an ImPACT on Your Kids Health? Cedar Park’s Newest Option for Concussion Care

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What’s not to love about sports? They’re entertaining to watch, fun to play, and an experience to be a part of. No matter the sport, it keeps athletes active and fans engaged. The business of sports has become a phenomenon and it’s leaked it’s competitive enjoyment into the roots of youth sports today. These days most kids are involved in not just one sport, but multiple. Parents are eager to see their kids have fun and succeed, while coaches are enthusiastic to train the next Tom Brady. Wherever you land on the spectrum, it is important to be more than a cheerleader for your child. ImPACT concussion tests are uncovering the often brushed over issue of concussions and their prevalence in sports.

Concussions are a type of TBI, Traumatic Brain Injury, and occur when an impact to the skull causes the brain to swell and enter a state of “crisis”. This head injury is all too common in today’s athletics. Although more information is becoming available regarding the seriousness of concussions, proper care has lagged behind. ImPACT addresses this gap in medical care by providing the first ever FDA cleared medical devices to diagnose and assess concussions. ImPACT uses both a cognitive baseline test and a post-injury assessment to evaluate concussions and their severity.

ImPACT’s purpose is simple. It’s designed to understand concussions on an individual basis and provide a healthcare professional the resources to properly treat patients. Concussion protocol should not be a standard and generic process. All brains, injuries, and healing times are different for each patient and ImPACT treats them as such with its diagnostic tests. Returning to activity before proper healing can have consequences for you or your child’s health, so ImPACT helps trained professionals understand the right treatment and timeline for each patient.

A New Option for Leander – Cedar Park Concussion Care

Pro-Care Medical Center is excited to offer this technology to address a prevalent issue in today’s athletics. Offered first in our Cedar Park clinic, we’re excited to offer baseline testing and post-injury testing to the Greater Austin-area sports leagues, weekend warriors and you.

For just $10, have your child, team or yourself tested before an injury occurs. Stay informed and prepared for injuries by taking a baseline assessment. If the time comes and a post-injury and exam are needed, Pro-Care will be ready to get you or your loved one back on track. Learn more about our concussion care offering!

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