How Quickly Do I Need to See a Doctor After an Accident?

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How Quickly Do I Need to See a Doctor After an Accident At Pro-Care Medical Centers, we understand car accidents can lead to frustration and confusion. This can be especially true when it comes to how quickly you need to see a doctor after an accident. Pro-Care is here to help you with answers and personalized care in your quest to seek a qualified car accident chiropractor and medical provider during your time of need. When it comes to choosing the right car accident doctor, Pro-Care is your number one resource.

Unfortunately, accidents happen. When they do, it is important to know how quickly you need to see a doctor after an accident. When you need a professional expert to guide you through the process of getting the treatment you need, you have the full support of Pro-Care at your side.

Since 2004, Pro-Care has been committed to providing you with the best, most qualified car accident doctors and professionals so you can get the treatment you need to get back on your feet and enjoying life again.

Why You Should See a Doctor After an Accident

Your body is made up of wonderful systems that protect you from harm and pain. Very often, you might not feel any damaging effects from an accident because hormones like adrenaline are activated so you can remain level-headed in a traumatic setting.

After the adrenaline wears off, the body may begin to alert you to any damage you might have incurred.
This is why it is crucial to see a car accident doctor and/or a chiropractic expert. Just because you might not feel any pain or damage from the onset of the accident, that does not mean you have a clean bill of health.

Some examples of delayed body damage come in the form of soft tissue damage, whiplash, and/or back and neck injuries. Upon any sudden accidental impact, these areas of our bodies can sustain more damage than we might expect.

When You Should See a Doctor After an Accident

Every case is different, but the best time to see a car accident doctor is immediately after the incident. This is especially true if you are in any pain. The sooner you can get a diagnosis of your condition, the better off you will be.

In extreme cases, you might find yourself transported to an emergency room from the accident scene by ambulance. In this situation, you can count on Pro-Care to provide you with the adequate aftercare you require when you are discharged from the ER. We will connect you with the right resources and the correct doctor for your needs.

Even if your car accident was not so severe as to involve an emergency room, that does not lessen the potential severity of your condition. In fact, early detection of health issues is crucial for your long-term recovery and could make a vast difference in your ultimate wellbeing.

Another important factor in consulting one of our chiropractic specialists is having proper documentation in the event you may need to present details of your accident for legal proceedings. If there is a possibility you might have incurred bodily damage, seeing a doctor immediately after the accident is recommended to protect yourself with appropriate medical history and records of your condition.

Very often, people suffer from car accident injuries and do not pursue medical consultation. This can lead to disastrous effects both financially and physically. Thankfully, Pro-Care is here to help.
The best action to take is to make an appointment with Pro-Care Medical Centers within 24-72 hours after your accident.

A smarter, more pro-active solution is to seek a professional medical opinion about your condition sooner rather than later. Obtaining an assessment of your physical condition immediately after an accident offers you security and tremendous peace of mind. That is why Pro-Care is here to help you.

It has been said if you don’t have your health, you have nothing. This really is true. That is why you cannot leave your health to chance after an accident. The best policy is to play it safe and consult a car accident doctor as soon as possible. Pro-Care Medical Centers are highly trained and can offer you the compassion, care, and treatment you deserve in your time of need.

Your health is your best asset, and our prime concern. Please contact us today so we can help you assess your condition and ease your mind. We are here for you.

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