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Pro-Care Medical Center gladly offers the best chiropractic treatment in San Antonio, TX, providing the care that patients need. Our chiropractic office is under the same roof as the full-service primary care, offering convenience for patients who need immediate chiropractic treatment or relief from back pain or other physical discomforts. This set-up allows our San Antonio clients to seek multiple types of services in a single visit and allows for more seamless communication between the San Antonio chiropractor and the primary care physician.

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Our chiropractic office works with a full range of patients, from family members facing a variety of health challenges to individuals with a range of lifestyles. We treat moms, weekend warriors, athletes, those recovering from accidents, those dealing with personal injury, neck pain, lower back pain, shoulder pain, and other conditions. Our chiropractic facility also serves San Antonio patients under a Letter of Protection (LOP), those who received injuries in accidents.

A Chiropractor That Cares About You

At Pro-Care, we always strive to treat patients like members of our family. Our chiropractic care not only involves the actual adjustments and other services but also health education. We want every San Antonio resident to feel better and to understand how chiropractic care helped relieve their neck pain or back pain and improved their mobility, and assist them in another way.

Our chiropractors also work hard to ensure that you have the knowledge to prevent recurring conditions like back pains and other health issues. We will never push you to have more chiropractic treatment than you need to meet your wellness goals. Our priority is your overall health and wellness, not the number of visits you need. This is just one of many things that set us apart as the best chiropractors in San Antonio.
Your search for the best walk-in chiropractor in San Antonio can end here. The ultimate goal of every Pro-Care chiropractor is to help clients feel better as quickly as possible, which they do by combining chiropractic care with mobility and functional rehab.

We do not just adjust you and get you to commit to long-term chiropractic treatment. Instead, we make treating the cause of your injury or back pain a priority. This way, you can feel better as soon as possible.

Walk-In Clients Are Welcome in Our Chiropractic Clinic in San Antonio

We do our best to make our chiropractic practice accessible to all patients in search of health care. As such, our chiropractic care clinic in San Antonio welcomes walk-in clients. If you are passing by and see our sign, you can just walk on in and we will fit you into our chiropractor’s schedule. Or, maybe you see a primary care physician that shares our roof in San Antonio and they suggest an appointment with a chiropractic care clinic. You can get seen as a walk-in. Our walk-in policy in San Antonio also helps us appeal to those with busy work and family schedules who do not know when they will be free, so they cannot book a chiropractic appointment.

If you do know your schedule and can schedule an appointment with a chiropractor in San Antonio, we suggest doing so. At Pro-Care, we make this as simple as possible via our available online scheduling. You can access our scheduling calendar and find a time that works best for you, then make an appointment with a chiropractor. There is no need to call or visit our chiropractic clinic to do so.

Your chiropractor in San Antonio will do everything in their power to make things convenient for you. Part of this comes from our convenient location that is well-connected in the city, making it accessible to patients who live or work in the area. You should have no problem finding our chiropractic care facility and taking advantage of our customized treatment.

Our San Antonio chiropractic facility works with most major medical insurance companies, minimizing your family’s health care costs. In the case of those who want to pay in cash for our chiropractic care, we offer competitive rates. You do not have to worry about affording chiropractic care for pain or injury.

The Best Chiropractic Services in San Antonio, TX

Our chiropractic care is designed to fit your condition or pain treatment needs. Your chiropractor in San Antonio will customize your health care and chiropractic treatment to help relieve your back pain or heal your injury. Our chiropractor can assist patients with lower back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain. They can also assist with relieving leg, hip, and knee pain. Some patients see our best chiropractors in San Antonio following sports injuries while others visit our chiropractic clinic following other personal injuries. Yet other patients schedule an appointment with Dr. Kyle Campbell, Dr. Neil Boecking, or Dr. Raquel Lopez as part of their overall spine health.

Your chiropractor will always ask you about your reasons for visiting our chiropractic office. From there, they will work to stop lower back pain, neck pain, and other discomforts at its source, instead of just hiding it temporarily.

Our chiropractic clinic in San Antonio is under the same roof as a primary health care facility. This way, we’ve made it easy for patients to care for their overall health. We also offer a full range of services, including on-site x-rays. This particular offering is unique among chiropractor offices, but it can do wonders at speeding up the diagnosis and healing process. With on-site x-rays in our chiropractic clinic in San Antonio, Texas, we do not need to waste time waiting for these tests to help our chiropractors find the root of a health issue and determine the ideal chiropractic adjustments.

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With Pro-Care, you have access to walk-in chiropractors in San Antonio. Our chiropractors use their training and knowledge to deliver quality chiropractic care, combined with functional rehab, to maximize your recovery in a timely fashion. They also help San Antonio patients prevent future health issues, including lower back pain, neck pain, and other physical discomforts, so they can resume their work or enjoy family activities.

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