Concussion Testing : Make an ImPACT

Make an impact on you, your child or team’s health with proper concussion care! ImPACT is the first FDA cleared pre- and post-injury cognitive test designed to better diagnose and treat potential head injuries. Time to keep that noggin’ safe!

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Who is ImPACT for?

Parents with kids in youth sports, league or select team sports directors, coaches, weekend warriors or employers where head injuries could occur need ImPACT. Get peace of mind for the ones you love with ImPACT concussion testing.

How does ImPACT work?

ImPACT uses two cognitive tests  to best determine a recovery plan and a suitable time for return to activity:

A baseline test is administered before an injury occurs. Anyone can take this!

A post-injury test is then used as a benchmark to compare results.

Our trained specialist determine concussion severity and proper concussion management.

Appropriate concussion care is essential to your or your loved ones health and can get you back on the field, in the office, and out and about at the correct and safest time for you.

Baseline Testing

The Baseline test provides our ImPACT trained providers the information and tools to assess you or your child’s cognitive function brain before an injury and use these initial results as a comparison for the post injury test. Taking this 25 minute assessment provides you a benchmark should a future injury occur.

Post-Injury Testing

The post injury test is the same assessment as the baseline test and is designed to test your memory capacity, reaction time, and speed of mental processing. This information is either compared to a baseline test or age-referenced normative data to determine the next steps for your concussion treatment. The test is also done in conjunction with a typical office visit with our primary care provider to determine if additional exams, imaging or labs are needed.


We accept same-day and walk-in appointments for ImPACT testing.

Baseline Test


25 minute exam to establish patient-specific data

Post-Injury Test


+ Cost of office visit (insurance co-pay/deductible can be applied if needed)*

Test + appointment to discuss results and treatment. Does not include office visit for physical evaluation.

*We aim to be transparent with costs. No one likes surprises so we’ve published our self-pay pricing, which does not include an office visit ($125 for new, $95 for established patients). Costs will vary based on treatment and your insurance verification. Our Pro-Care Concierge team is happy to work with you to provide you the best up-front cost estimate and verify benefits before treatment.

Major Insurances Accepted + Patients Seen Under a Letter of Protection (Personal Injury)