State and Federal Worker’s Compensation

State And Federal Worker’s Compensation Specialist

The physicians at Pro-Care Medical Center have handled state and federal workers’ compensation claims since opening in 2004. We know what documentation has to be generated and exchanged in order to minimize the amount of time an injured worker is either waiting for treatment or waiting to get back to work. Make an appointment at any of the convenient locations in San Antonio and Austin, TX for this important exam.

Workers Comp Q & A

What does the doctor check for during a worker’s comp exam?

The doctor will review a variety of details during the exam. While the doctor asks questions about medical history, the accident, and current health conditions, they will also make observations. The doctor considers the patient’s general appearance including mobility, signs of distress, weight, and hygiene. He will also look for signs of the injury and may use imaging tools like MRIs, X-rays, CT scans and EMG studies. The doctor will also perform tests on the patient’s indications of pain or sensitivity including asking the patient to move and report on any discomfort. Some helpful tips to remember if you are injured

Our physician know what they are doing for Federal Worker’s Compensation!

  • You have the right to pick your treating physician – choose carefully
  • You must notify your supervisor before seeking treatment – fill out CA-16
  • Read the CA-11, When Injured at Work Information Guide for Federal Employees.
  • Complete a CA-1 or CA-2 form ONLY after speaking with your doctor
  • Only an MD or DO can be your treating physician – not a chiropractor
  • Keep all of your documentation

What happens during a workers’ compensation examination?

First, you’ll be asked to explain the conditions and accident that caused the injury. Be as detailed as possible, and don’t leave out any factors or descriptions as they can be very important in determining your immediate and long-term treatment needs. Next, you’ll be examined, and your injury will be assessed. You may be asked to have an x-ray or another testing to gain a complete picture of your injury. Based on that information, a rehabilitation plan will be developed to help you recover and return to your duties at work. In addition to providing you with treatment, your doctor will complete the correct forms for your claim.

How is Pro-Care Medical Center able to help?

In an ideal world, you should get the same medical care regardless of whether you were hurt at home, in the care, at work or somewhere in between. However, the reality is that the care you receive and the doctor you can receive it from varies greatly depending on the circumstances surrounding the injury. If you are a federal employee and were injured on the job, you have to be careful. Most federal employees have heard enough horror stories to know what questions to ask in order to verify whether their chosen physician can handle a federal worker’s compensation claim. Does your doctor know the difference between a CA-1 and a CA-2?  The answer is that they better know the difference for your sake.

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