Three Essential Desk Stretches If You Sit In Front of A Computer

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Do I need to do desk stretches? With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping many of us working from home while our kids go to school virtually, it’s more important than ever before to keep moving! We decided to revisit a post we published last year focused on desk stretches that you need to know and put to good use. Share this with your kiddos too! Although they may not feel the same aches and pains, desk stretches are important no matter the age!

86% of Americans sit at desk jobs amounting to an average of 1,700 hours a year in front of screens. That means that the average worker (if they’re not actually working) could binge-watch the entire series of “The Office” 17 times. Not a season. The series. That’s a lot of Diversity Days!

While standing desks are becoming more common, it’s more than likely many of us are still stuck in our old ways. Or perhaps stuck to the chair. So, what’s a person to do? At Pro-Care, we launched our Pro-Care Protocols video series to share some of the most common rehab and mobility exercises we use inside the clinic. Here are three essential desk stretches for you to try if you’re one of the lucky ones staring at that spreadsheet while getting another game of solitaire on.

Add these three desk exercises to your calendar. Try them a few times a day. And thank us later.

1. If you type at a desk, you need this stretch in your life. It’s simple, but necessary to keep those wrists healthy so you can keep waving like a queen.


2. Okay, desk jockeys. We’ve already established that you probably sit a good chunk of the day. Guess what needs a little love? Your thoracic spine. Try this stretch. Even if your colleagues think you’re just staring into the wall (what’s new?), a thoracic extension is gold to help your mid- and upper-back feel its best after sitting at a desk.


3. Your posture might suffer too after 1700 hours of screen time. This banded external shoulder rotation helps to open up your chest while ensuring your shoulders stay upright instead of hunched over. It’s a simple movement, but please don’t try them with the office rubber bands. You might need something a bit stronger for your Hulk-like strength.

So, there you have it. Start somewhere and try these desk stretches that’ll help you take on the Michael Scott’s of the world. Okay, back to your Buzzfeed listicle.

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