Why See an Accident Chiropractor Instead of a Regular One?

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Why See an Accident Chiropractor Instead of a Regular OneCar accidents can happen to anyone, but do you know who to see if you’ve been injured? You may have a chiropractor you have worked with for improving posture and addressing general pain and stress. But did you know there are also chiropractors who specialize in treating injuries from car accidents? In many cases, car accident injuries will require delicate precision and attention to detail to help fully heal and avoid chronic pain. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, visit a Cedar Park chiropractor who specializes in car accident injuries so you can get the specialized care and treatment you need.

The Difference Between Local Chiropractors and Car Accident Chiropractors

Your local chiropractor is likely great for the everyday reasons that might bring you to their office, like neck pain due to working a desk job for long hours or for regular adjustments to improve your health and well-being. However, not all regular chiropractors specialize in treating complex injuries like you might get from a car accident. Your regular chiropractor may even prefer not to treat this type of injury because it isn’t their area of expertise. A Cedar Park chiropractor who specializes in car accident injuries has the knowledge and expertise to treat common car accident injuries like whiplash, a herniated disc, spinal damage, and muscle strain. Consider a car accident chiropractor instead of a general one if you have a complex injury that will require specialized treatment.

Why You Should Choose an Accident Chiropractor

Car accident injuries are complex and typically affect multiple structures and parts of the body. For example, if you suffer a whiplash injury, you may experience common whiplash symptoms such as headaches, a sore, stiff neck, upper back pain, and tingling in your shoulder. All those symptoms are possible with an injury like whiplash because of how a car accident can cause trauma to your spine, joints, muscles, nerves, and other soft tissues.

A car accident chiropractor also knows how to assess for this type of injury where different symptoms may show up throughout the hours and even days after the accident. When you’ve been in a car accident, you may notice scrapes and bruises right away, but the shock and adrenaline may keep you from fully realizing the pain you have due to damage on the inside. A car accident chiropractor knows what to look for and how to diagnose a car accident injury, as well as how to best provide individualized treatment to address your specific symptoms.

What to Expect with Car Accident Chiropractor Services

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in North Austin then a Cedar Park chiropractor can provide you with quality care for your injury. These services may include X-rays taken onsite to assess the area and support the diagnosis, as well as other diagnostic tests like functional movement assessments. Car accident chiropractors also perform chiropractic adjustments that are safe and gentle on you after you’ve been in a collision. Cedar Park chiropractors may also offer spinal decompression therapy and physical rehabilitation so you can fully heal and recover from your injury.

What Injuries Car Accident Chiropractors Treat

In addition to whiplash, the most common car accident injury, car accident chiropractors also treat head and brain injuries like concussions, traumatic brain injuries, or skull fractures. Car accident chiropractors don’t just treat neck and back injuries; they also treat soft tissue injuries that affect your muscles, tendons, and ligaments that may become stretched or torn and causing you pain. It is also possible to suffer a broken bone as a result of a car accident, and a car accident chiropractor can assess you for any fractures and help address the supportive muscles and tissues in the area to help improve functioning while you heal.

Accident Chiropractors and Specialists

At Pro-Care Medical Center in North Austin, our Cedar Park chiropractors can help address a wide variety of car accident injuries and help you heal. Our accident chiropractors also work alongside car accident doctors and specialists in the office to ensure you get the comprehensive care you need for a complex injury like this. Our team of doctors and specialists also includes neurologists, pain management specialists, and even surgeons on-staff to address more severe injuries. Book an appointment with one of our car accident chiropractors today to get started on healing from your car accident injury.

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