5 Reasons Why Regular Chiropractic Care Is Important

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When used as a treatment for adults with acute and chronic back pain, migraines, and dizziness, chiropractic care and spinal manipulation is an effective form of regular treatment. Chiropractic care is especially effective when used in combination with soft tissue techniques and other therapeutic exercises. 

What Is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is a form of complementary medicine. It is practiced to help your body heal and achieve overall better wellness through hands-on specific manipulations and adjustments. While it often focuses on your spine, chiropractic care can address other areas of your body. 

Chiropractic care aims to improve the function of the musculoskeletal system by realigning the spine and relieving tension in your joints. This modality of treatment is a non-invasive treatment option to help get your body back to functioning as it is supposed to.

What Are The Benefits Of Regular Chiropractic Care?

Reasons Why Regular Chiropractic Care Is Important

Chiropractic care offers many benefits for both acute and chronic conditions as well as long-term wellness goals. The relief found in chiropractic care is more than just neck and back pain relief. You get benefits to blood pressure, immune system, pain reduction, mental health, and more with chiropractic care. 

When you receive regular chiropractic care, you are working on creating a stable internal environment for your health to thrive. Regular chiropractic care is a low-risk and non-invasive treatment option that allows you to have symptom relief while building a long-term plan for wellness.

Chiropractic Care Offers Acute And Chronic Pain Relief

One of the best uses of a chiropractor and regular treatments is to help relieve the joint pain caused by everyday life and acute injuries. While some people may see chiropractic care as only useful for acute or chronic pain, evidence shows it is beneficial for both. 

Neck pain is uncomfortable and inconvenient, and it can make things as simple as sleeping hard. With more and more people working desk jobs, there is a higher prevalence of hunched necks resulting in neck pain. Chiropractors can help relieve this pain through adjustments as well as soft tissue massage. 

Another frequent flyer in chiropractic offices is back pain. This is often a combination of acute and chronic back pain. Patients who have not received adequate treatment for their acute injury often end up with chronic back pain. A less invasive alternative to back surgery, chiropractic adjustments can help relieve back pain caused by misaligned vertebrae, muscle tension, and even hip misalignment. 

Injuries, especially injuries sustained in car accidents, are a large portion of patients who seek out chiropractic care. Chiropractic care can address pain and tension associated with car accident injuries, typically to the back and neck. 

Chiropractic Adjustments Improve Range Of Motion & Enhance Athletic Performance

One of the great benefits of chiropractic adjustments is their benefit to your joints and, as a result, boost your athletic performance. Chiropractic care can facilitate faster recovery times after an injury and improve your range of motion to a better level than pre-injury. Reducing inflammation, decreasing oxidative stress, relieving muscle tension, and increasing energy levels are just some of the benefits athletes will see from regular chiropractic care. 

As you see reduced back pain, joint inflammation, and increased range of motion, you may find that your athletic performance improves. So, in addition to helping with injury recovery, you could find you enjoy playing more as your performance improves. 

Chiropractic Care Reduces Headache Symptoms

There are several types of headaches, and many may be relieved by improving your overall wellness, but tension headaches have shown the most improvement with chiropractic adjustments. One of the main goals of chiropractic adjustments is to help relieve muscle and joint tension. Tension headaches are caused by excessive stress and tension in the muscles of the head, neck, and shoulders. As you find relief from that tension, you may find your headaches resolve.

Cervicogenic headaches can also result from poor blood flow, lack of oxygenation, and even spine misalignments. Adjustments received through chiropractic care can help relieve the root causes of your headaches and lead to longer-term solutions. 

Chiropractic Treatment Lessens Pain Reliever Dependency

A benefit of chiropractic treatment you may not think of is the potential for less dependency on pain relievers. Long-term usage of both over-the-counter and prescription pain relievers is not ideal for your overall health.

Chronic pain patients are often given opioid prescriptions, and there is evidence that patients who see both their regular doctor and a chiropractor need to fill their prescriptions less frequently. 

Improves Posture & Overall Well-Being

Do you always worry about your posture? Good news! Chiropractic adjustments can help improve your overall posture and help relieve pain associated with sitting at a desk for long hours. Regular chiropractic care can help align and maintain the appropriate curves of the spine and pelvis.

When you find relief from some of these chronic pain causes, your overall wellness will improve. If you aren’t focused on pain or discomfort, you will have more mental energy to put toward things you truly enjoy. 

How Often Should You See A Chiropractor?

How Often Should You See A Chiropractor

How often you should see a chiropractor depends on several factors. It can also seem intimidating to incorporate another routine visit into your daily life. It’s always a great idea to have an initial consultation with a chiropractor to help determine how frequently you should be seen. This frequency will depend on your injury, or lack thereof, the level of pain you have, and your long-term health and wellness goals. There is a loose average of 8-12 weeks of sessions for long-term improvement in symptoms, but again this is dependent on many factors.

How Pro-Care’s Chiropractic Care Creates Long-Term Wellness

Pro-Care’s approach to chiropractic care is a collaborative and comprehensive approach. At Pro-Care, we understand that every patient is unique and responds to treatment differently. You will play an active part in your treatment plan as we plan to get you feeling better quickly!

At Pro-Care, maintenance care is a part of our treatment plan. This is a long-term plan involving regular visits. These plans are designed to help heal an acute injury and then help strengthen and maintain full-body health to prevent future injuries or pain. Our chiropractors collaborate with other specialists at Pro-Care to give you the best possible comprehensive care. Contact us today for your first appointment.

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