How to Fix Your Poor Posture

Before you begin that long road trip this summer or sit at your desk all day, add this simple exercise to your routine. All you need is a Theraband and 3-6 minutes per day to help open up your chest and build better posture. Take 30 seconds below to see Dr. Casey Hays...

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Meet Your Cedar Park Chiropractor – Dr. Casey Hays

Is he the best chiropractor in Cedar Park? We’d like to think so. Meet Dr. Casey Hays, the chiropractor at Pro-Care Medical Center – Cedar Park. Oh, he’s also more than a chiropractor. He’s a husband to his sweet wife Callie and has a full...

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How To Build Strength and Relieve a Sore, Tight Neck

One of the most common issues we see daily at our clinics is neck pain. The list of causes can be long… like a giraffe’s neck long. From trauma such as a whiplash caused by a car accident to simply sleeping wrong and getting a “crick” in the...

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