Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program

Ideal Protein’s medically designed protocol contains 2 key components – weight loss and healthier lifestyle education to assist you in maintaining your results… that last.

Authorized Ideal Protein Clinic

Central Texas’ Ideal Protein Weight Loss Provider

As one Texas’ first clinics to offer Ideal Protein, Pro-Care has provided hundreds of people a new path to achieve their health and weight loss goals. Ana Boecking, Pro-Care’s Weight Loss Director, is passionate about Ideal Protein, which is why she is excited to offer the Ideal Protein weight loss program to Austin, TX. She has personally seen success story after success story.

Ana has years of experience with the Ideal Protein weight loss program and has taught hundreds in the Austin and San Antonio areas how to lose fat (not just overall weight).  Ana has ample training on how to keep that fat off for good by preparing and eating healthy, delicious meals.

Safe, Affordable, Medically Supervised Weight Loss

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is called “Your Last Diet” because IT IS: you lose FAT quickly, MAINTAIN your MUSCLE and allow your muscles to continue to burn calories without storing fat again.

Who’s Ideal Protein “Ideal” For?

We see an equal amount of men and women. Ideal Protein works especially well when couples work together. You may benefit from Ideal Protein in Austin, TX—book an appointment today.

Questions? Check out our FAQ to see why folks are raving about Ideal Protein!

What does our Ideal Protein Program Cost?

$195 Consultation Fee

(+ cost of food and vitamins)

What can you expect from your Ideal Protein experience?

▸ One-on-one coaching throughout your Ideal Protein journey

▸ A personalized approach to setting your weight loss goals based on your individual health profile

▸ Gain a fundamental knowledge of nutrition and how your body gains and loses weight

▸ Online tools and ongoing support to maximize your success

▸ Easy to prepare, affordable delicious food and recipes

▸ Lifestyle education, coaching and guidance to help you sustain your Ideal Weight

Our Program Includes:

▸ Ideal Protein meals (dependent on caloric needs)

▸ Supplements dependent on individual needs (multivitamin, potassium, calcium/magnesium, enzymes, probiotics, fish oils, etc.)

▸ Ongoing consults (covered by initial consult fee)

▸ Weekly Body Composition Analysis

▸ Daily video instruction and one-on-one support

▸ Recipes and exercise routines

Not in Austin? Do Ideal Protein from Anywhere!

We can now see patients virtually and ship you Ideal Protein food directly!

How it works:

1.  Must have an online consultation within the last month.

2.  Orders for Ideal Protein food must be a minimum of $200 per order plus shipping fees. 

4.  You MUST check-in via email or virtually ONCE PER WEEK.

5.  You will be required to journal on the Ideal Protein app – IdealSmart

Ideal Protein FAQs

The specialists at Pro-Care Medical Center use many techniques to help their patients lose weight including the Ideal Protein plan. Lifestyle changes and nutritional counseling are essential to maintaining or losing weight, and the Ideal Protein plan helps patients to meet all of their nutritional needs. When the person is trying to shed a large amount of weight, medications might be used to help jump-start the process. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise is extremely crucial to weight maintenance and keeping off weight which has been lost for the foreseeable future.

The Ideal Protein weight loss method is more than simply weight loss because it emphasizes fat loss. Once the body has depleted its carbohydrate reserves, it draws on protein (muscle mass) and fat reserves simultaneously. The intake of high-biological value protein isolates (not high amounts of protein) during the IP Weight Loss Method maintains the lean muscle mass and forces the body to burn only fat for energy. The program also:

  • Supports skin revitalization
  • Reduces cellulite (is used in spas throughout Europe and Canada for this purpose)
  • Stabilizes blood sugar levels, resolving type 2 diabetes and Syndrome X
  • Significantly reduces blood pressure
  • Reestablishes normal cholesterol levels/ratios
  • Maintains lean muscle mass and forces the body to turn to its fat reserves for energy
  • Is quick and healthy with long lasting results
  • Women lose 3-5 pounds per week and men lose 5-7 pounds per week
  • Reestablishes proper insulin sensitivity and pancreatic function to prevent abnormal fat storage and allow you to eat normally without gaining the fat back.

After the $150 initial consultation fee, we will work together to determine whether or not the Ideal Protein Protocol is right for you. If it is, Ideal Protein food costs on average around $90 per week (under $5/meal) with monthly vitamins costing $66. Ideal Protein Food Price List.