How Do You Cut Calories The Healthy Way?

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“No diet is final.” – Dr. Tran, Ideal Protein founder

By Ana Boecking, Weight Loss Director

As I tell all of our Ideal Protein clients, weight loss is a huge step toward a healthier you, but it’s definitely not the end of your journey. In fact, weight loss is only the beginning! According to Dr. Tran, maintaining your weight after you have arrived at your IDEAL fat & muscle ratio while retaining pleasure in eating is incredibly important. In order for us to steer clear from hypertension, cholesterol, and diabetes, we must maintain our new weight. Keeping the pounds off often means modifying your relationship with food so that it is healthier, maintainable and ultimately, still brings you pleasure.

I’m often asked how our protocols and general nutritional advice to our patients differ from other diets. Below is a simple graph that outlines the obvious differences in order to obtain the results we achieve.

Ideal Protein CaloriesFrom left to right…

  • First, we have a regular “balanced” diet of approx. 2000 kcals per day.
  • Second, we have a hypocaloric diet of approx. 1000 kcals per day.
  • Third, we have a DIY keto diet of approx. 1500 kcals per day.
  • Fourth, we have our very own IP protocol of approx. 1000 kcals per day without cutting protein, vitamins, or minerals!

Many other diets decrease the intake of all types of calories (protein, fat, and carbohydrates) also getting rid of valuable vitamins and minerals.

At Pro-Care, we leave the same amount of protein so that your body doesn’t lose muscle mass, leave good fats and only inhibit sugars and bad carbohydrates to allow your body to use its own fat as fuel.

By allowing your body to burn its own fat, your body will NOT ONLY be thinner, but it will also see improvements on lipid panels and overall health.  Please forward this information to anyone you may know who is a diabetic, a pre-diabetic, has high cholesterol, is hypertensive, has low levels of hormones, or simply to just anyone you know who wants to improve their overall health!

Here’s a super-easy way of making zucchini. I know you often looking for new ways of eating your vegetables, so if you love Ideal Protein’s Dill Pickle Zippers, then you’re going to love these dill pickle zucchini sticks!

Simply cut up zucchini into sticks and crush a packet of Ideal Protein Dill Pickle Zippers. Gently dip the zucchini sticks into a beaten egg and then into the crushed up Zippers. Cook in an air fryer or an oven for 10 mins at 350°F.

Serve and enjoy!  


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