How Long Do Custom Orthotics Last?

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How Long Do Custom Orthotics LastWhen you wear orthotics, they can help to alleviate pain and discomfort you get in your feet, ankles, and legs as you move through your daily routines. If you’ve been fitted for custom orthotics in Austin previously then you know how comfortable they can be and the type of relief you get from wearing them can seem instant. That’s how you will also be able to tell when your orthotics might need to be replaced. If the pain starts to creep back in or you start to find the orthotics uncomfortable as you move through your day, it may be time to discuss your orthotic inserts with your doctor. The sooner you reach out, the sooner your doctor will be able to evaluate your custom orthotics and determine whether you need a replacement.

How Orthotics Can Help Foot Problems

Orthotic inserts are a special type of prescription device designed to be worn in your shoes to help support your feet in a variety of ways. Many people rely on orthotics to help support specific pain points in the foot or to control abnormal functioning in one or both feet. A properly designed orthotic will help improve pain and discomfort that starts in your foot and can affect your whole lower body. Orthotics can help a variety of conditions or illnesses, like flat feet, hammertoes, bunions, bursitis, arthritis, and diabetes. These shoe inserts prescribed by your accident doctor will help you to stand and walk in a healthier position and experience significantly less pain from your foot problems.

Why Custom Orthotics Matter

Orthotic inserts can be customized to fit your unique foot size and shape so you get the most effective pain relief possible. Instead of store-bought arch supports, custom orthotics are designed to address your specific foot problems and help control any abnormal movements common to your body. Abnormal foot movements can affect your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back. Your posture and gait, a term for the way you walk, can be significantly affected by foot problems like pronation, plantar fasciitis, and heel spurs, to name a few. Custom orthotics in Austin support your whole foot and provide more control over your foot functioning.

Lifespan of Custom Orthotics

Your doctor will likely prescribe custom orthotics and revaluate after a few years to determine when a new pair will be needed. While custom orthotics are generally built to withstand normal wear and tear from your daily activities, they will eventually lose their effectiveness over time. If you participate in more high impact activities like jogging or running then it is important to share these fitness goals with your doctor, as custom orthotics would likely break down sooner. Outward signs of wear tear on your orthotics look like cracks or tears in the structure. Also, if you begin to experience pain or discomfort again then it may be time for a new pair.

The lifespan of your custom orthotics in Austin will also depend on the materials they are made of, so you should talk to your doctor about the types available to you and what would work best for your specific foot problems. For example, custom orthotics made from softer materials like foam, cork, or leather tend to not last as long as functional orthotics made with more semi-rigid materials.

Another reason why you may need new orthotics is if you have experienced a significant lifestyle change, like undergoing a major surgery, significant weight loss, or becoming pregnant. Each of these examples can cause changes in the way you used to walk, which can impact the effectiveness of your custom orthotics in Austin. While a major surgery on one side, like a knee or hip replacement, may seem like you would only need to replace a foot orthotic on one side, both feet could be affected because of how the other side shifts to accommodate these changes. While it may seem frustrating to get new custom orthotics for less than a year while you are pregnant, they can provide significant relief for pain and discomfort you continue to experience during that time.

Talk to your doctor at ProCare Medical Center about your foot problems and ask about whether or not custom foot orthotics might be right for you. Custom orthotics are an investment in your health and well-being so you can go about your daily routines without experiencing pain and discomfort while doing exercises that help build strong feet and ankles. To learn more about custom orthotics in Austin, TX, call or visit our ProCare facility and meet with one of our doctors today!

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