How Much Does a Chiropractor Cost to Crack Your Back?

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When you are looking for someone to help with your back pain, part of your concerns about how to choose the best doctor will depend on the cost of care. Millions of people go to the doctor each year for back pain, and one popular type of back pain specialist is the chiropractor. If your back pain is keeping you up at night or making regular, everyday movements uncomfortable and unbearable, then it’s time to see a doctor. Chiropractors can help with a wide range of back issues and use gentle and safe chiropractic adjustment techniques. Like with visiting other types of doctors, you may be wondering about the cost of a chiropractor. In order to figure out the cost of a chiropractor visit, it helps to get an idea of what type of treatment you are interested in and how a chiropractor can help.

What to Expect at a Chiropractic Visit

Here’s what to expect if you have never been to a chiropractor before.


When you meet with a chiropractor for the first time, they will want to talk with you about what brings you to the office. This may include recent back pain you’ve been experiencing and how it has started to negatively affect your health and well-being. The consultation with a chiropractor may also include discussing symptoms you have been experiencing, any recent injuries or conditions, and more information about your medical history. Your chiropractor will also talk with you about your goals for care with a chiropractor to help determine the best course of action.


Depending on what brings you to the chiropractor, they will likely want to perform a thorough assessment. This may include a physical assessment along with X-rays or other types of diagnostic tools that can provide your chiropractor with a clearer understanding of the source of your pain. X-rays and diagnostic imaging offer detailed images that help identify any misalignments or injuries that are exacerbating your pain.


One of the techniques chiropractors are most known for is called chiropractic adjustments. These adjustments involve identifying and resolving misalignments in your spine. When the spine is out of alignment, it can make your pain worse and also cause other symptoms and discomfort. By bringing the spine back into healthy alignment, your body is able to function at its best. Chiropractic adjustments are non-invasive and all-natural techniques that address spine, joint, muscle, and soft tissue concerns.

Common Chiropractic Costs

When you visit a chiropractor, they will be able to discuss the best course of treatment for you and the associated costs. Chiropractors can develop personalized treatment plans that address your specific needs and treatment goals so that you get the most out of your chiropractic visits. However, common chiropractic costs may vary depending on your location, whether you are using insurance, and if any discounts or low-cost treatment options are available near you. Talk to your chiropractor about your options for chiropractor cost and find out if they have any package bundles available. Most major insurance plans cover chiropractor costs, so it helps to find out what type of coverage you have and whether or not you need a referral from a primary care doctor. More insurance companies are starting to classify chiropractic care as medically necessary so that the treatment can be considered in your network. You can also talk to your chiropractor’s office about pricing options for out-of-network or out-of-pocket costs.

SMART Sessions at Pro-Care Medical Center

At Pro-Care Medical Centers, we offer SMART Sessions with fixed prices and transparent costs. SMART stands for Skeletal Muscular Assistive and Rehabilitative Therapy. A SMART session offers some of the best tools a chiropractor has to offer and can help you with chronic pain, recent injuries, and other common reasons for visiting the chiropractor. Here’s an overview of what you can expect with this intensive therapy with a Pro-Care chiropractor near you:

1. Warm-Up

Get started with aerobic exercise to get the blood flowing throughout the body. The warm-up portion of the session may last around ten minutes and help get your heart rate up before engaging in the rest of the treatment for the most effective results.

2. Graston Technique

Next, your chiropractor will perform the Graston Technique, which utilizes a special massage tool that helps identify areas of muscle adhesion or a buildup of scar tissue. This stainless-steel instrument will be utilized in tandem with therapeutic massage to help stretch and relax these targeted muscles and tissues.

3. Functional & Rehab Exercises

Your chiropractor will walk you through functional and rehabilitative exercises that are specific to your needs and treatment goals. These may include specific stretches that target stiff, aching, sore muscles, followed by exercises that promote strength and flexibility in the area.

4. Manual Therapy

Then, your chiropractor will perform manual therapy with hands-on techniques that target soft tissues that are causing your pain or negatively impacting your mobility. Manual therapy for 15 minutes will help promote blood flow to the area and break up tense, stiff muscles.

5. Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic adjustments will also help to restore healthy functioning to the body. Chiropractic can be a better alternative than opioids for back pain. Your chiropractor will identify any areas where your spine or joints have come out of alignment and use chiropractic adjustments to correct those misalignments. Chiropractic adjustments can also help improve biomechanics.

6. Cold Laser

Next, your chiropractor will apply 3 minutes of cold laser to the target area. A cold laser will penetrate the top layer of the tissue and help accelerate the healing process in the area.

7. Kinesio Taping

Finally, your chiropractor will wrap up your SMART session by applying Kinesio tape that helps provide stability and support to your muscles and tissues while they continue to heal.

Typical Costs of Pro-Care SMART Sessions

At Pro-Care Medical Centers, we pride ourselves in offering price transparency from chiropractic adjustment costs to SMART session costs. We offer great rates for short-term, long-term, and SMART sessions right on our website so you can see anticipated costs for treatment before you even get started. Visit Pro-Care Medical Centers to learn more about our cost options for chiropractic care and get started with us today!

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