Ideal Protein – Eat Your Vegetables!

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“Losing weight is a journey that leads you to your truest self.” – Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, Ideal Protein founder

In difficult times, it can feel like things are out of your control, so it’s good to focus on what you can control. Ideal Protein’s scientifically-developed protocol takes the guesswork out of weight loss and allows you to focus on your health in a safe and structured way. While the amounts of carbs, fats, and protein that each one of us requires may be different according to our medical history, the types of vegetables we can and should eat remain the same. Here is a copy of the vegetables that are best for all of us to consume (whatever phase of the protocol you are in) so that you can print it and have it handy. Remember, this list is also available in your app so that you can review it at any moment.

Ideal Protein Phase 1 Veggie Printout

Ideal Protein Phase 1 Vegetables

A Recipe To Try

Sweet and Easy Bites (After Your Veggies!)

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