How Does Your Kitchen Help You Lose Weight?

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Chances are, you’re spending more time at home than usual these days. When you’re tired, hungry, and maybe even bored, “what you see is what you eat.” What do you see when you open your refrigerator or your pantry? Plenty of healthful options like vegetables and meats or your Ideal Protein products – or a big bag of potato chips, cookies, or other empty-calorie snacks staring you in the face?
Here are a few tips to help you stock and organize your kitchen in a way that supports the weight loss goals we set for you at the beginning of our journey together: 
What’s on those shelves in your kitchen or those drawers in your office? 
  • Make sure you do a quick inventory TODAY to make sure you still have plenty of the good stuff on hand. Do you love Vanilla Crispy Squares? Or, do you love the BBQ crisps?  Stocking up on your favorite Ideal Protein snacks will help you keep from being tempted to dive into someone else’s bag of chips.
  • You know what I’m going to tell you next…Keep your refrigerator stocked with veggies (fresh or frozen) and lean proteins. Also, ensure you have protocol friendly condiments and spices to make your meals and snacks more interesting. Oils, vinegar, mustards, APPROVED by me hot sauces, or spice blends can add a kick to that chicken breast – just be sure to send me pictures so that we can check labels together to ensure they are protocol friendly.
Location, location, location!
  • After you know what you have, then you can arrange it to support your habit of healthy eating. Give the healthiest options prime real estate: a bag of fresh vegetables front and center in the refrigerator, for example.
  • When storing leftovers, put healthy options in clear containers so you can see what’s inside.
  • Keep a pitcher of cold water or a 64 oz cup where you’ll see it easily in the refrigerator to remind you to drink more.
  • Pre-portion your snacks so that you don’t eat too much. Eating too much of good-for-you foods can also pack on those pounds you just took off.
Keep it tidy!
You all know by now that I am constantly cleaning and organizing. I just love to have things in their place and clean and ready to be used, plus, I am pretty sure I can think better when everything is in its place.
According to a study I read a couple of weeks ago, a messy kitchen is also one that encourages overeating and reckless behavior when it comes to food. Chaos in the kitchen seems to translate into more munching and not being aware of what all goes into your tummy. Keep your kitchen organized and you’ll be less likely to lose control of your eating. There is no need to think of your kitchen as a booby trap, minefield. The next time you feel hungry, know that when you open your pantry or refrigerator, it will be easy to find foods that fill you up, make you feel good, and help continue your weight loss. Need some inspiration to tidy things up? Check out Marie Kondo, author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Her Instagram posts are filled with great ways to simplify and organize your kitchen!


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