Best Rehabilitation Therapy Services

If you’re looking for modern and effective rehab services, you need only to contact Pro-Care Medical Center. You will benefit from highly trained therapists and clinicians and well equipped treatment areas.

What will I get out of rehabilitation services?

The initial evaluation will consider your posture, gait, and alignment. Everyone needs good posture to maintain proper health. It will ultimately have an impact on almost every aspect of your body, including your emotions and your presence in the world. The office will evaluate your current posture and inform you of how it relates to your pain.

The staff will also incorporate a rehabilitation therapy program customized to your body that will work to strengthen and stretch the appropriate muscles and joints for you to become more naturally aligned. The importance of how you carry yourself in the workplace cannot be overstated. There is a right and a wrong way, and it will play a major role in the overall condition of your body.

Rehabilitation therapy will educate you on the correct principles needed to position yourself safely in your working environment. How you move in space and communicate your body with the ground will greatly affect your anatomical health. While it’s often a poor gait that played a part in your current condition, it will be a habitual change for the good that will dissipate the forces from the ground through your body in a more even fashion.

How will rehab help me to regain mobility?

Gravity, stress, and long term bad habits will limit how much your body will be able to move. Over time, your joints will conform to an unaligned state that must be addressed in order for your body to be more balanced and better able to absorb forces.

Mobilizations will help regain this needed range. Restrictions in your tissue such as superficial skin, muscle, and scar tissue can severely limit your available range of motion. With careful examination and professional treatment, the doctors can release these restrictions to allow more movement in your body.

What can I do to help myself at home?

Your time with the practice is designed to create a new foundation for your body. When you leave, you will not be going without direction. The doctors will help you to understand the most important principles behind exercise as well as target areas to focus on. They will listen to you and your specific goals in order to design an exercise program that will allow you to build on the foundation you have created.

Pro-Care encourages patients to continue with rehabilitation services in order to not only see but feel the benefits of total fitness. You will leave the office with something you didn’t have before arriving at the Pro-Care Medical Center. You will understand where the pain comes from and how to attack it.

While bad habits put you in pain, it will ultimately be good habits that assure your long-term recovery. This lifestyle change, as well as your newfound knowledge of how to understand and listen to your body, will leave you healthier than you were before.

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