Meet Our Veterans at Pro-Care

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Veteran’s Day. Our chance to express our gratitude for those who have served our country. Well, we’re not limited to one day out of the year, but, it’s still a great reminder.

We currently have three veterans on our team who serve Pro-Care and our patients across a variety of roles. From providers to rehab techs to operations, we lean on our talented crew to deliver the absolute best primary care and chiropractic care to our patients each day.

So, meet our veterans on Team Pro-Care. And next time you’re in one of the clinics, tell’em thanks. Because they’re our nation’s best…

Dr. Elizabeth Clark, DO – Horse Lover & Primary Care Doc at Pro-Care Crownpoint. Retired Colonel after serving 25 years in the U.S. Air Force.

Dr. Elizabeth Clark, DO

Thomas Grau – Austin Area’s Do-Everything-Guy, IT, business analyst. Served in the U.S. Air Force.

Thomas Grau
David Klem – Daily Joker Extraordinaire. Cedar Park Rehab Specialist. Served in the U.S. Marines.
David Klem

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