Symptoms of Whiplash from Rear-End Collisions

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If you have ever been in a rear-end collision, then you know what the force of impact can feel like when another vehicle collides with yours. The thudding and crunching sounds are a sure sign that something bad has happened to one or both of the vehicles involved. When a car hits your vehicle from behind, it can also cause you to get jostled around and sustain possible injuries. The most common car accident injury with rear-end collisions like this is whiplash. Here are the symptoms of whiplash from a rear-end collision and when to see a walk-in chiropractor after a car accident.

How a Rear-End Collision Can Affect You Physically

A rear-end collision and whiplash are commonly linked because of how your body is physically impacted by the car wreck. Whether you are a driver or passenger in the vehicle that is hit from behind, you can sustain some physical damage during the accident. While your seat belt can help prevent you from getting ejected from the vehicle and hold your upper body in place, it cannot protect your head and neck from getting jolted around. A sudden impact on your vehicle can cause your head and neck to snap forward and backward violently, which can lead to a rear-end collision whiplash injury. In the immediate aftermath of a car accident, your body starts pumping with adrenaline that helps to support your fight or flight response and keep you safe. However, this can also keep you from experiencing pain and other symptoms after being rear-ended.

Immediate Symptoms of Whiplash

Immediately after a rear-end collision, you may experience some shock and surprise from the sudden collision. If you suffered whiplash from the rear-end collision, then you might also find yourself gripping your neck as the discomfort and pain start to settle in. Headaches are common after a car accident and can be due to the stress and tension afterward but can also be a sign of something more serious going on. With a rear-end collision, whiplash symptoms may slowly start to set in, and you will want to take a moment to assess yourself for serious injuries.

Delayed Symptoms of Whiplash

Delayed symptoms of whiplash are common because of the shock of getting into a car accident. It can also take time for pain and discomfort to set in as any inflammation builds and the muscles and tendons in your neck react to the injury. Common whiplash symptoms after being rear-ended can include developing soreness and tenderness in your neck. You may start to feel like your neck muscles are stiff and sore, making it difficult to turn your head in certain directions. You may also experience headaches that settle in hours or even days after the car accident occurred. Whiplash can also affect the spine in your neck and upper back, causing tingling and numbing sensations that may be related to a spinal disc issue like a herniated disc.

When to See a Doctor After a Rear-End Collision

The sooner you can get checked out after a car accident, the better. Visit an accident injury doctor near you to get a thorough physical examination and injury assessment right away. Even if the accident seemed minor, you may develop symptoms hours or even days after the initial rear-end collision occurred. After the abrupt back-and-forth jolting from the car accident, you may develop pain, tenderness, and inflammation in various parts of the body. Seeking medical care right away can ensure you manage and relieve that pain before it becomes too overwhelming. When you visit a car accident chiropractor after a rear-end collision, they can assess you for common injuries like whiplash.

How a Car Accident Chiropractor Can Help

A car accident chiropractor can determine whether you are suffering from whiplash from a rear-end collision. It helps to let your car accident chiropractor know what symptoms you have been experiencing, when you first noticed them, and if any movements have made those symptoms worse. Car accident chiropractors use gentle techniques to relieve your pain and other symptoms of whiplash safely and effectively. At ProCare Medical Centers, we have walk-in chiropractors available so you can get quality care right away after you’ve been in a rear-end collision.

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