Neil Boecking, DC

Neil Boecking DC

Dr. Neil Boecking is a chiropractor and the founder and President of Pro-Care Medical Centers.

Dr. Boecking attended Texas Tech University and earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Parker College of Chiropractic, in Dallas, Texas. From high school to completing his degree, he has worked in and around the chiropractic profession, gaining experience, building strong doctor-patient relationships and a clear understanding of the importance of quality care. Dr. Boecking has completed extensive studies in Gonstead technique, Torque Release Technique, advanced practical food, and nutrition, and has been performing spinal decompression therapy since the opening of his first clinic, Pro-Care Spine & Medical Center, in 2004. In addition to growing his practice and serving his patients, Dr. Boecking actively leads and supports the chiropractic profession as the Secretary of the District 8 Texas Chiropractic Association.

Before becoming a chiropractor, Dr. Boecking had a profound experience with chiropractic which helped to shape his goals. Throughout his life, Dr. Boecking has played many sports including basketball, tennis, and track. A debilitating hip injury, which lasted for over one year, threatened to end his ability to play sports. Visits to several physicians, including an orthopedic surgeon, did not yield any reduction in pain, in fact, it kept getting worse. Based on a recommendation from his high school coach, Dr. Boecking went to see a chiropractor. After a few visits, Dr. Boecking went from a reduction in pain to no pain at all. Amazed by his chiropractor’s ability to heal an injury that puzzled other doctors, he focused himself toward acquiring his Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

Dr. Boecking believes that chiropractic can positively affect the body’s innate ability to heal and function more effectively. He also believes in constantly pushing the envelope of non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical methods to treat more serious injuries. For instance, Dr. Boecking was one of the first doctors in Austin to perform non-surgical spinal decompression and has seen the benefits for 100’s of patients that had no other previous option than surgery. Dr. Boecking has also been progressive by combining Doctors of Chiropractic and Physical Therapy into one clinic. Our clinic has seen this non-traditional approach heal patients that have not had success with individual therapies and speed the healing process for many others.

He has also been a guest to several local radio talk shows including Bill Swail’s (Owner of People’s Pharmacy) show on 1370 AM, “Let’s Get Healthy”. The latest show discussed the details of spinal decompression and what patients are experiencing.