What Are the Most Common Car Accident Injuries?

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What Are the Most Common Car Accident InjuriesThere are millions of car accidents every year, and about half of them result in at least one person getting injured. For some, these injuries are severe or even permanent. Unfortunately, because so many people drive every day, the risk of being in one of these accidents is actually pretty high. If you’re in a car accident and are injured, you need to see an accident doctor as soon as possible. Your injuries may not seem severe at first, but if untreated, it’s possible they can become much worse. Here are some of the most common injuries caused by car accidents that need to be treated quickly.

Whiplash Is Very Common

Many people experience whiplash when they’re in a vehicle accident. Their head is thrown forward and then very quickly snapped backwards. Whiplash is one of those very deceptive injuries that may not seem that bad the day of the accident. In fact, you may not even notice symptoms for several days.

However, whiplash can cause major damage to your neck. You may find that it’s hard to move your neck or that your neck hurts. You may also experience dizziness, headache, fatigue, and numbness down your arms. To minimize these symptoms and make certain nothing more serious develops, see a chiropractor for whiplash treatment.

Whiplash Can Also Cause a Concussion

When your head whips forward and then violently back into your headrest, it can cause a concussion. This is another type of accident where you don’t immediately see the effects, especially during an accident. A concussion can lead to dizziness, headache, confusion, and nausea. Your speech may become slurred, and you may actually block out what occurred during the accident. Unfortunately, many of these symptoms can be caused by shock, too. You may not realize you have a concussion immediately after the accident, especially if a medical professional doesn’t examine you.

Cuts and Bruises Are Also Common

Few people walk away from a car accident completely unharmed. Most suffer at least a few bruises, bumps, or cuts. In minor injuries, these bumps and cuts may be very minor, and they may be fully healed within a few days. In other cases, though, they may be much worse. For example, if your windshield or window shatters on impact, you’re likely to have cuts all over your face and body. You may even need stitches for some of these cuts.

Some Accidents Result in Broken Bones

A broken bone, unlike some of the other common injuries, is normally immediately recognizable. Unless it’s a toe or very minor break, you’ll realize you have a broken bone because you won’t be able to move that part of your body. You’ll also be in a lot of pain and may be bleeding. Common bones to break in a car accident includes the nose, arms, and fingers. Your nose could be broken if your face is slammed forward into the wheel or door. You may instinctively put your arms up to protect yourself, causing an arm or your fingers to be broken. Serious accidents can result in broken legs, jaw, or even your back.

Don’t Put Off Getting Help

Don’t assume that your injuries are minor or that you don’t need medical attention after a car accident. Even if it does turn out that your scrapes and bruises aren’t that bad, you still want to have your injuries medically documented for your insurance or for legal purposes.

If you’ve been in a car accident, even if you were examined by medical personnel on-site, you still should contact Pro-Care Medical Centers for a checkup. We will make certain your injuries are not serious or provide medical care if they are.

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