What Is a Soft Tissue Injury in a Car Accident?

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What-Is-a-Soft-Tissue-Injury-in-a-Car-Accident-scaledA car accident can happen so fast, especially compared to the time it can take to recover from any injuries. Some car accident injuries are more obvious than others, like cuts and scrapes, broken bones, and dislocations. However, soft tissue injuries can be a bit trickier to recognize and the pain and discomfort can take a while to show up and become chronic if not properly treated. It is important to get checked out by a car accident doctor if you are experiencing any type of pain or discomfort after a car accident to determine whether or not something more serious is going on inside.

Examples of Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries are injuries that affect your muscles, tendons, nerves, blood vessels, and other tissues that surround your bones and joints. Unlike direct injuries to your bones and joints, the most common injuries to soft tissues are bruising, strains, and sprains. Here are three examples of common car accident injuries that affect your soft tissues.


Whiplash is the most common car accident injury and it can be tricky to recognize right away because symptoms can take hours and even days to appear. What are the most common symptoms of whiplash? The muscles in your neck are strained out of their normal range of motion, so they can feel sore, tender, and stiff. While these may not seem like reasons to visit a car accident doctor, getting treatment as soon as possible can help fully resolve any symptoms and avoid any chronic pain.

Herniated Disc

A herniated disc is also commonly referred to as a slipped disc. The disc refers to the spongy disc-shaped tissue that separates each of the vertebrae in your spine. The force of a car accident can shake your body around so that one of the discs that separates your vertebrae is jostled out of place. When this happens, the disc can put pressure on nearby nerves and cause nerve pain and discomfort.

Muscle Sprains and Strains

Muscle strains and sprains are common car accident injuries because of how your body is shaken up in the accident. What might first seem like a slightly sore neck or back can turn into pain that can make it incredibly uncomfortable to sit, stand, and twist. A back sprain occurs when the muscles and ligaments that support your back and spine are bruised, over-stretched, or even torn.

Diagnosing a Soft Tissue Injury

Don’t hesitate to visit a car accident doctor as soon as you can after the accident. Small aches and pains might not seem like a big deal, but they can definitely be signs of something more serious going on. Your car accident doctor will be able to diagnose any soft tissue injuries that resulted from the car accident. Unlike broken bones or joints, soft tissue injuries do not show up on an X-ray. However, diagnostic imaging tests like MRIs or CT scans can help identify soft tissue damage from a car accident.

Treating a Soft Tissue Injury

Many soft tissue injuries can be treated with gentle, therapeutic treatment options like chiropractic adjustments, stretches, and exercises. When soft tissues like your muscles and tendons are strained and sprained, you may lose some range of motion due to stiffness and discomfort. A car accident doctor will help you regain your range of motion and mobility through gentle movements that will decrease inflammation and increase oxygen and nutrient-rich blood flow to the area. Chiropractic adjustments can also help identify and resolve any misalignments to help relieve pressure.

At ProCare Medical, our team of car accident doctors offers effective treatment plans for all types of soft tissue injuries so you can experience long-term pain relief and healing from your injury. Orthopedic doctors, neurologists, chiropractors, and physical therapists all work together in one location to provide a comprehensive approach to your treatment. Our car accident doctors are also knowledgeable and skilled in treating soft tissue car accident injuries and providing the proper documentation necessary for your insurance claim. Each treatment plan is unique to you, your specific injury, your medical history, and your goals for treatment. You can rely on the car accident doctors at ProCare Medical to help you experience a safe, efficient treatment for your injuries so you can fully heal and recover.

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