12 Foods at Costco to Help With Weight Loss

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As you have recently found out, ALMOST every food including protein that is already prepared or packaged for us contains some sort of sugar, sugar substitute, or starch, converting perfectly perfect food such as chicken or broccoli, to not the healthiest option anymore.  Whether these additives are natural or not, they still affect our ketosis state and therefore our fat loss. Remember that even in the most minute quantities, these SUGARS are absorbed by the body affecting our blood sugar levels and our insulin levels.  Nowadays, however, more and more brands of prepared foods are correcting their ingredient lists and offering a cleaner version of their products.

You all know by now that I LOOOOVE Costco and that if I could, I would visit their warehouses every day. Last week, I was able to visit a Costco after more than two months. I was on a mission to find options for us that were not only delicious but sooooo clean in ingredients that we could use them as alternatives to our everyday cooking. I bought them all, tasted them all and loved them all (to be expected… I mean, they came from Costco!). Please take a look at the pictures I took and be assured that if you do purchase these and eat them, your fat loss will not be compromised (given you don’t eat other products I haven’t reviewed). As Costco products do change from time to time, rest assured, they continue to carry great products that can help you on your weight loss journey.

1. Kirkland Mahi-Mahi


Kirkland Mahi Mahi










2. Riced Cauliflower

Riced Cauliflower









3. Country Archer Beef Sticks


No Sugar Beef Sticks









4. Kirkland Tilapia


Kirkland Tilapia Loins









5. Kirkland Seasoned Roast Beef


Kirkland Roast Beef









6. Phillips Crab


Phillips Crab









7. Kirkland Smoked Salmon


Kirkland Smoked Salmon









8. Costco Shrimp Cocktail


Costco Cocktail Shrimp









9. Kirkland Smoked Pulled Pork


Kirkland Smoked Pulled Pork







10. Teton Waters Ranch Polish Sausage


Grass Fed Polish Sausage






11. Sabatino’s Paleo Smoked Chicken Sausage


Paleo Chicken Sausage







12. Tru Grill Grilled Chicken Strips


Grilled Chicken Strips

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