ImPACT Concussion Testing: What Is It?

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We live in a sports-focused state. As much as Texas is about football, at Pro-Care we also want to be all about safety. Around 300,000 concussions occur annually in the United States from contact sports. A concussion is sustained through forces such as a bump, or blow to the head that can disrupt the function of balance, coordination, and cognitive status within the body. So how do we treat our athletes properly for these injuries as well as spot signs of a concussion? How do we know how our athlete’s brains are being impacted by a concussion versus a normal state? That is where ImPACT comes into play.

What is ImPACT?


ImPACT is a program that provides testing for athletes and aids clinical physicians in thdiagnosis of concussions. Think of this test like a report card, establishing your athlete’s healthy mental state, in a trackable test physician’s can refer back to in light of a concussion. This is called baseline testing, and it provides physicians with a picture of an athlete’s brain function when it is uninjured. ImPACT is driven through independent research and offers various resources for concussion education, management, and treatment.

What does this mean for me and my child?

Here at Pro-Care, we aim to treat our patients like family, with as much care and consideration as you treat yours. We are now offering ImPACT testing within our Cedar Park clinic for youth involved in a variety of activities and sports. Concussion testing is becoming a more common requirement for most youth athletic clubs and sports teams, so we have made it easier than ever for your child to take their test!

We can’t promise that concussions won’t happen, but we can promise that we will provide the education and preparation for your child and their treatment. Interested in scheduling a baseline concussion test for your child (or you)? Contact our Cedar Park clinic at 512-354-1571 to schedule a time to come in! Or check-in online!

For more in-depth information on ImPACT please visit: Concussion Care Resources


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