Incontinence and Indigestion After a Car Accident

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Incontinence and Indigestion After a Car AccidentCar accidents are incredibly stressful for everyone involved even when there aren’t injuries involved. When you’ve been injured in a car accident, it adds to your stress as you now have to worry about scheduling doctor’s appointments in addition to paperwork and dealing with your insurance. However, it is important to put you and your health first when you’ve been through something like a car accident. These types of injuries can often cause symptoms and issues elsewhere in the body that can become more serious or even chronic without prompt treatment. Read on and plan a visit to a car accident chiropractor to learn more about why issues like incontinence and indigestion can occur after a car accident and how a chiropractor can help.


Spinal Misalignments After a Car Accident

The force of impact in any type of car accident is bound to leave you shaken up and jostled around. Seat belts are designed primarily to keep you from being ejected from the vehicle during a crash, but they can’t prevent you from getting injured altogether. While the seat belt holds your upper body and trunk in place, your head and neck are unrestrained and move with the force of the accident. This can lead to head trauma, neck injuries, upper back injuries, and damage to the spine.

When you get jostled around forcefully due to the impact of another vehicle, it can cause your muscles to strain out of their normal range of motion, including those that support your head, neck, and back. Twisting, turning, and stretching suddenly can put pressure on your spine and even lead to misalignments of the vertebrae. When a vertebra is even the slightest bit out of place, it can cause disruptions in the connection between your brain and the central nervous system. Your nervous system is housed and protected by the spinal cord, so when it suffers any damage, it is possible to disrupt healthy nerve functioning.

How Misalignments Affect Bodily Functions

Misalignments in the spine can be caused by a wide variety of car accident injuries, including whiplash and herniated discs. Both vertebrae and spinal discs can become misaligned and negatively impact the connection between your brain and nervous system. When these disruptions occur, your brain may not be able to send the right signals to other parts of your body, like muscles and organs that control your bodily functions. Two possible results of damage to the communication process between your body and your brain are indigestion and incontinence after a car accident.

Damage or injury to your spinal cord from a car accident can lead to issues like incontinence or indigestion. It doesn’t take a serious injury to cause these types of issues; in fact, the smallest misalignments in the spine can affect your control over your bladder and bowel. You may also experience uncomfortable stomach symptoms like indigestion after a car accident. The seat belt typically crosses your body from one side of your waist to the other, and sometimes it can put too much pressure on your stomach area when restraining you during a wreck. However, you may also experience stomach issues like indigestion when your body’s natural processes are disrupted due to communication issues between your brain and the rest of your body.

How a Car Accident Chiropractor Can Help

Why see an accident chiropractor instead of a regular one after a car accident? Car accident chiropractors are highly skilled and knowledgeable about all the ways a car accident can affect you. They take a holistic approach to addressing any type of injury, including a car accident injury. When you visit a car accident chiropractor for uncomfortable symptoms like indigestion or incontinence after being in a wreck, they will want to assess how the experience has impacted your whole body. You might be surprised to learn that misalignments in your spine are actually disrupting the healthy functioning of your bodily functions. That’s why your chiropractor will want to assess your spine, joints, and muscles to determine how the accident has impacted you from head to toe.

Chiropractors utilize an all-natural, drug-free approach to treatment for car accident injuries and uncomfortable symptoms and issues like incontinence and indigestion. When you visit a car accident chiropractor, they will assess your spine to identify any misalignments and restore those with gentle, safe chiropractic adjustments. Visit a car accident chiropractor near you to learn more about how this therapeutic treatment can help you experience lasting relief from incontinence issues and indigestion after a car accident.

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