Six Tips to Help You Maintain Fat Loss

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By Ana Boecking, Weight Loss Director

No doubt that losing fat takes dedication and perseverance. But sometimes life throws a few challenges your way. Here are six tips to help you maintain your hard-earned fat loss success over the longterm:

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1. Plan to not only lose fat but to transition from the weight loss phase into a long-term maintenance regime. You will continue to need coaching, monitoring, and support during this transition and through maintenance. So, reach out to me!  You already know I am constantly on email… our Pro-Care team that supported you this far may become even more valuable when you are facing more choices and need to learn different coping skills.


2. Keep following the healthy, positive eating habits that you already developed during your Phase I and Phase II. You may have more tempting food around you at home now, but don’t give in, you NOW KNOW what is actually good for you.


3. Watch for situations that might sabotage your weight loss journey. For example: if you find yourself hitting that afternoon slump, instead of reaching for a piece of candy to boost your sugar/energy levels, go outside for a moment and get some fresh air (practicing “social distancing” of course) while drinking plenty of water.


4. Stock your fridge and pantry with healthy snacks so you always have something on hand. At our clinics, we have dozens of tasty foods to choose from that are full of protein and readily available for you to just open and eat-no need to cook or prepare in any way.


5. Reach out virtually to family and friends for support to help you get over any “bumps in the road.” For example, if you are going over to their house, make sure it is ok for you to bring your own food or make sure that they will have a healthy option while you are there.  Most people will not only be ok with offering a healthy choice but will join you in your quest to a healthier life.


6. Monitor your weight and if you gain a few pounds, don’t panic. Just reset. Adjust your eating according to what we have discussed during our consults and exercise until you’re back where you want to be but try not to delay and get back on track as quickly as possible – it is much easier to get rid of 2/3 extra lbs. than it is to get rid of 20/30 extra lbs… Please, please, please, reach out to me to discuss an Ideal Protein Tune-up!


ALWAYS plan ahead, REMEMBER to stay on course, and ENJOY your healthier lifestyle!  

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