Our Very Own COVID-19 Mask Maker and Family Nurse Practitioner

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While most of us shelter-in-place and social distance, we know many healthcare workers are on the front line of this battlefield. As the COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone into a new way of living, the majority of us have seen a number of selfless acts across the globe. How about the face mask-makin’ army of folks who sew?

Clarks Masks In ProgressMoms, grandmas, dads, kids… whoever is handy with a needle, thread, and some fabric have stepped up. They dusted off the ol’ Singer sewing machines and went to work. Hundreds, if not thousands, of designs, have been created and shared online via news articles, YouTube, Pinterest and even Tik-Tok for the cool kids. It’s been amazing to see. This groundswell of crafters certainly has played an important role in fighting the pandemic while ensuring medical-grade masks go to the medical professionals serving patients battling the Coronavirus.

So, where does Pro-Care fit into this? While we moved the majority of our appointments to telemed several weeks ago, we continue to serve patients with acute pain, injury or illness in-person. While we had N-95 masks on hand, we knew our supply could get low across our locations. Additionally, our suppliers were prioritizing hospitals for new N-95 mask orders, as they should. Enter Heather Clark into the picture.

Heather hard at work

Heather is one of our Family Nurse Practitioners who serves patients in the Austin area. She is a caring provider who just so happens to be sewing whiz kid. Heather offered to crank out masks, and did she ever! Faster than Usain Bolt running the 100M dash, she produced over 50 face masks for Pro-Care team members plus additional ones for Pro-Care families and friends. More are on the way! It’s perfect timing as face masks are now required within Travis County and most likely will become standard issue for some time.

Heather’s humble pie. But we wanted to brag about her a bit since she selflessly cranked away at her crafting table while still being wife and mom (to kiddos who got in on the action). We thank Heather for tackling this for the Pro-Care team. We thank our team for continuing to serve our patients during this crazy time. That’s what we like to call Teaming Up to Heal Up. We’re all in this together.

As a thank you to Heather, we’ve made a donation in her name to Meals on Wheels Central Texas. So, hopefully, one act of kindness can continue to spread much more rapidly than this pandemic ever could!

Clarks Mask-making Table
The almost finished products!
Heather’s helpful assistant

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