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Ana Boecking

Weight Loss Director seeing patients in Central Austin & Cedar Park

Ana Boecking is a highly educated and qualified weight loss director offering services for residents in and around Austin, Texas. Patients seeking weight loss solutions and support can visit Ana inside Pro-Care Medical Center.

Ana was born and raised in Mexico City but has been in the U.S. for more than half of her life. She has a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from St. Edwards University and has applied that degree in several areas. Ana has been part of a management team for a large call center in the Austin area and has been a bi-lingual 1st-grade teacher in Leander ISD.

Ana brings her diverse background and her love for inventive cooking to bear on the challenges of weight loss. Ana is constantly inspired by the success of her weight loss patients. She is the proud mom of 3 boys and enjoys spending time with them and the rest of her family.

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Accepted Insurance

We accept all non-network workers compensation claims in the state of Texas. We accept most out of state workers compensation claims. Please call our office and speak with the local case manager so we can get the ball rolling. Call our offices for additional information regarding our insurance providers and workers comp claims.