Three Stretches for Your Posterior Chain

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As the new year starts, chances are you might be trying a new workout routine or just getting started to get active again. And, chances are you might feel some aches, pains or something that hurts a lot worse than it should. Back pain is a common complaint and something most people will feel at some point in their life.

Your hamstrings, glutes (your butt), and muscles in your back (erector spinae, if you like the fancy anatomy terms) are all part of your posterior chain. If your posterior chain is out of whack, there’s a good chance you might be feeling some pain in your lower back, glutes, hips or along your legs. While we always recommend seeing one of our amazing providers to help diagnose the root cause of your pain, we do want our patients to take an active approach before (and after) pain occurs.

If you’ve been doing squats, good mornings, deadlifts, bent-over rows or perhaps ran your first 5K, here are three stretches that you can do to help reduce the tightness you may be feeling in your legs or posterior chain. You can find these exercises and many more in our Pro-Care Protocols Library. If you need an expert to help you feel better, book an appointment online with our providers to get that posterior chain back to feeling good again!

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