Will My Personal Injury Claim Pay for Chiropractic Care?

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Will My Personal Injury Claim Pay for Chiropractic CareWhen you’ve been injured in a car accident, the last thing you want to worry about is how much your medical treatment is going to cost you. A personal injury claim is a way for you to pursue compensation for your injuries from the car accident and subsequent treatment. An accident doctor who understands the complexities of a personal injury claim as well as how to treat your specific injuries will help you through the process.

In addition, here are five important things to consider when pursuing a personal injury claim so it covers your chiropractic care:

Seek Medical Attention Immediately After the Accident

In the event of a car accident, your body is pumping with adrenaline and you might even be in shock from the trauma. If paramedics arrive at the scene, it is important that you allow them to assess you for injuries. Often with adrenaline and shock, it is difficult to be fully aware of your injuries and your full symptoms may not show up until hours later. What you should do after a car accident is to have yourself checked by medical assistance at the scene to help identify any immediate injuries that require treatment and will be documented.

You will want to include documentation of your injuries observed at the scene in your personal injury claim. Additionally, if you go to the emergency room or urgent care after a car accident, you will want to request a copy of your medical records that detail your reason for the visit and the extent of your car accident injuries. If you did not receive medical attention at the scene or get sent to the emergency room, you should still seek out medical care for your injuries as soon as possible to demonstrate the severity and need for medical intervention.

Find an Accident Doctor Who Understands Personal Injury Claims

Find an Accident Doctor Who Understands Personal Injury ClaimsWhile paramedics and emergency room doctors provide immediate attention to any injuries you may have, you will pursue full treatment for your injuries with a car accident injury chiropractor. When looking for an accident doctor, it is important that you find one who has experience with personal injury claims because it requires very thorough and detailed documentation of your entire treatment, from diagnosis to scans to what occurs at each subsequent appointment.

Sometimes people are worried about seeing a chiropractor after an accident because of rumors that a personal injury claim may not cover the treatment. However, what really matters with a personal injury claim is that a competent chiropractor accident doctor is able to accurately and thoroughly explain what treatments were used and why they were necessary for your specific injuries. For example, car accident injuries often occur in the spine and neck, and chiropractors are well known for treating spinal cord injuries.

Request Detailed Records of Your Treatment Plan

Think of your medical records during your treatment as evidence of your injuries. The documentation required for your personal injury claim includes as much medical information related to your injury as possible. This includes your diagnosis, including any diagnostic imaging tests and scans utilized in the process. These help to paint a clear picture of your injury. If you are even just considering a personal injury claim at the time of treatment then it is best to inform your doctor so they can be sure to complete the medical records in compliance with claims requirements.

When investigating a personal injury claim, detailed records of your treatment plan are important evidence to prove the severity of your injury and the importance of your specific treatments. When an accident doctor takes the time to develop an individualized treatment plan to address your specific injuries, your treatment ends up being easier to explain as medically necessary.

Talk to Your Doctor about Necessary Medical Treatments

Talk to Your Doctor about Necessary Medical TreatmentsAn important part of the personal injury claims process is demonstrating that your medical treatments were medically necessary. This means that the type of treatment prescribed by your doctor, such as chiropractic care for a spinal injury, is appropriate for your injury. An accident doctor looks out for your well-being and recovery process and also must pay attention to the details of your treatment so you have a greater chance that the claim will pay out.

You should also keep a detailed record of your care and treatment, including dates of appointments and treatments covered in each appointment, medications prescribed and what they were for specifically, and any other details you might think are relevant to a potential claim. However, when you find an accident doctor who is well-versed in personal injury claims for accident injuries, they can help take the stress off of the process so you can focus on your recovery!

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