7 Reasons for ImPACT Concussion Testing

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Unfortunately, concussions can be unavoidable, especially for all the athletes and go-getters out there. Pro-Care Medical Centers knows this all too common occurrence and understands the risks of improper concussion management. Utilizing both a pre- and post-injury assessment, Pro-Care now offers ImPACT testing to accurately and individually diagnose concussions. Here are 7 reasons why you or someone you love might be a candidate for pre- or post-concussion testing…

The unavoidable slip and fall – just act natural

Dog piles – celebrating too hard

Helmet to Helmet – SPORTS!!!

The active life – it’s the thought that counts

Slow reaction time – happens to the best of us
Playing with your dog – anything for man’s best friend

Shenanigans – we all know that person

If any of these silly reasons hit home for you (pun intended) ImPACT is right for you! Concussion recovery is not standard and unique to each patient and concussion. Make an ImPACT on you or the health of your loved ones by preparing yourself with a baseline exam and properly treating the most important part of your body. Learn more about ImPACT testing at Pro-Care today!

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