Exercise Can Help Neurological Pain

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Exercise Can Help Neurological PainPhysical activity is an important part of the healing process and can also help you manage and overcome pain. If you struggle with neurological pain, then there are exercises that can help you. Exercising when you have neurological pain does come with unique challenges, but the benefits typically outweigh the risks. Visit a doctor of neurology in San Antonio to learn more about what is causing your neurological pain and what types of exercises and physical therapy can help to reduce that pain. Neurological conditions that cause you pain can start to affect your mobility, but there are still plenty of exercises and activities available to help.

Pros of Exercising with Neurological Pain

When it comes to exercising when you also have neurological pain, you want to make sure you are performing these physical activities safely. Regular exercise can help you build strength, stamina, and endurance as you move through life. Here are four benefits of exercise for your neurological pain.
Improve daily functioning

Healthy habits include exercises that improve your daily functioning. A neurological condition may keep you from participating in the activities you used to enjoy, and exercise is one way to reduce your pain so you can do those things again. Regular physical activity can decrease your pain while also decreasing your daily fatigue. When you exercise regularly, you get better sleep, which gives your body a chance to recover and replenish.

Better cardiovascular health

Exercise gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing, which helps to improve your cardiovascular health. When you have better cardiovascular fitness, you are able to develop greater stamina and endurance for physical activities. Aerobic activities like walking, cycling, and swimming raise your heart rate and get you to circulate more oxygen in your body.

Decrease risk of depression

Physical activity also helps to decrease your risk of depression. Neurological conditions and chronic pain can cause many people to experience depression due to how their quality of life has been impacted. Physical activity offers a natural way to address depression by promoting the release of endorphins in the body. When you enjoy the results of your exercises, it makes you more motivated to continue those activities going forward.

Slow progression of symptoms

In addition to improving your daily functioning, regular exercise can also help to slow the progression of neurological pain and other symptoms of your condition. Some neurological conditions are also associated with decreased mobility and difficulty with balance. Certain exercises and physical activities can help to improve your mobility and balance naturally.

Ways to Be Mindful of Physical Activity

There are certain things you want to be mindful of when you participate in physical activities to help with your neurological pain. Here are three things to keep in mind so you don’t aggravate your neurological condition or worsen your pain symptoms:

Avoid exercising too much

Unfortunately, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. You might enjoy the benefits of exercise and strive for more results. But exercising too much can actually put stress and strain on the body that can make your pain and other symptoms worse. The intensity of a workout can also cause certain symptoms to flare up or intensify, even temporarily. You want to participate in a healthy amount of physical activity without risking setbacks and your pain getting worse. Your doctor can talk with you about the appropriate amount of exercise and physical activity specifically for you.

Remember to stretch

Stretching is key to your body’s preparation for and response to physical activity. Stretching before you start exercising gets your muscles warmed up and your joints loosened, so you can move through the exercises more comfortably and get the most out of them. Stretching after the exercise offers your muscles and heart a chance to cool down.

Meet with your neurologist

The most important part of getting into exercise when you have neurological pain is to speak with your doctor. The team of doctors at Pro-Care Medical Center offers neurology in San Antonio along with chiropractic and primary care providers to make sure you get the comprehensive care you need for your neurological condition, whether it’s by surgical or non-surgical neurological treatments. Learn about how your specific neurological condition affects you and what exercises and physical activities would work best for you.

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